Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Why you should eat a weed burger

(sea)weed of course
1. Because the seaweed burger is vegetarian-, vegan-, kosher- and halal friendly. Also NON-GMO too!
2. The star ingredient of the seaweed burger is seaweed obviously and also very earth friendly. They say that seaweed is the vegetable of the future because it reduces lots of the impact that the meat and dairy industry causes. Growing seaweed minimize the use of land and thousands of water. Acccording to scientists, the worldwide need for proteins could be all fixed by seaweed cultivation on an area of three times the size of Portugal!
3. Seaweed (or algae) were pretty much the first living thing BC ago that create oxygen to make living on planet earth possible. It`s been consumed by people thousands years ago.
4. Seaweed is incredible. Seaweed is super healthy! Seaweed is a source of vitamines, minerals, omega 3-6-9 and guess what it. It has the same protein level as meat! Seaweed is the perfect meat replacement.
5. And what better way to turn this meat replacer into a burger: a seaweed burger! One of the first pioneers of these seaweed burgers was created in Holland also known as the Dutch Seaweed Burger. The seaweed produces comes straight out of our Dutch waters, along with chlorella microalgea for the beautiful green color in the burger bun and soy, for the extra protein kick.

Grab one at STOOM which is honestly my favorite local organic based restaurant, but wait! There`s more what STOOM serves.
Check some of it down below.
@STOOM restaurant 
My second time actually.
Read my first timer at STOOM right here:
Was only missing the yellow zucchini strings like the first time in the burger but oh boy it is still such a yummy delicious and satisfying burger! Happy chomp it!
Hey dessert
Here me and A. shared a chocolate lava cake with organic vanilla ice cream and cream. As you can see this dessert plate looks scrumptious! Too bad the lava didn`t really oozes out when I sliced the cake in half, in fact the cake was pretty set. Unfortunate. The taste overall was ok lah.
Luring my meatlovers
And my third time at STOOM.
Another day with girlfriends and a mum! My friend`s mum didn`t tried out the seaweed burger unfortunate but went for the regular beefy meaty organic hamburger which looks pretty good and juicy too. And hello yellow zucchini strings! I have missed you.

My friends were hesitating about this green looking danger but decided to be adventurous and went down with this danger. My friends survived and were surprised too! They liked the seaweed burger a lot!
Well done all!
Udon noodles & falafel. What?
Since it`s already my third time at STOOM I have decided to not choose the seaweed burger, how tempting it was, but went for their other dish called udon & falafel. Udon noodles are thick Japanese noodles which I adore and falafel are Middle-Eastern bites made out of chickpeas which I also adore. But to have them both together in one plate? Hmm I don`t know but curiosity in me made me and I was ready to find out this fushion dish. Again the look of this plate looks beautiful and the taste itself was surprisingely good! How total different ingredients can work super well together.

Therefor I highly recommend this 100% vegetarian dish as well along with the seaweed burger.
ADDRESS: Kanaalweg 24 Middelburg - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: ••••· 4,⁵/5
INTERIOR: ••· 2,⁵/5
SERVICE: •••• 4/5
PRICE: •••• 4/5

Friday, July 14, 2017

My 4 vegan breakfast items


Ok, I'm not vegan (yet?). I'm semi-vegetarian and I only eat seafood. Congratulations if you know the more correct term (I'm a pescatarian!) but eating vegan food is something I can tolerate, appreciate and enjoy from time to time. Down below are my recent favorite vegan food for the breakfast table. Let's start with coffee, shall we?

Ok, ik ben (nog?) geen veganist. Ik ben semi-vegetariër die alleen nog vis en zeevruchten eet. Een pescotariër is het betere benaming, maar vegan food is iets wat ik ook waardeer, toelaat en zelfs geniet van tijd tot tijd. Hieronder heb ik mijn recente favoriete vegan food voor op de ontbijttafel omschreven. Zullen we maar beginnen met de koffie? 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
Instant coffee
From Beanies.
Since Douwe Egbert coffee brand has stopped producing what used to be my favorite flavored instant coffee (hazelnut!) and was no more to be found in the Dutch supermarket - I was sad. I was sad for some time but then UK brand Beanies Flavour Coffee came into my life and not only do they have hazelnut flavored coffee but also other 11 flavored coffee! Non artifcial, no sugar added and only 2kcal per cup. These flavored coffees are pricier than other regular instant coffee and you can get around 25 cups per pot. Me personally I think 15 cups since I like my coffee strong. With cream & sugar of course.

Vegan butter
From Becel
This vegan butter contains 100% mixed veggie oil such as: palm, sunflower, almond and of course coconut. This butter is surprisingly very spreadable and smooth even when I plunge my knife into it when it just came out of the fridge. The butter goes great on toast and I haven`t tried it yet but I think it`s a great alternative for when I need to bake vegan in the kitchen too!
Vegan yogurt
From Jumbo.
I do my weekly grocery at supermarket Jumbo and I happily discovered their own vegan yogurt line! I picked the flavour `coconut` and it`s very refreshing and good! If you like coconut flavored food then you might go nuts for this yogurt.
Vegan cacao hazelnut spread
From Nocciolata.
Move over Nutella or not? Maybe, but this organic chocolate hazelnut spread contains zero dairy traces and is great for veganist or for those with lactose intolerance. Hurray! I bought this jar with discount because normally it`s pricier than Nutella. The taste difference with Nutella itself is very minimum I think as this vegan version is less creamy but also less sugary in my opinion.
(this is not sponsored)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

& girlfriends || At de Berk


Some time ago I went to have dinner with A. and K. I know these girls from my college time and it was nice to have this 'the three musketeers' quality time again. Just like college! Anyway. K. suggested a restaurant that was named 'De Berk'. I have never been here before but the location of where the restaurant is located at is gorgeous.

Except the food was not more than just average. To me, it felt like the food was just being pretty on the outside but just ok on the inside. Read the rest of my verdict just down below. 

Het is alweer een tijd geleden, maar ik ging uiteten met A. en K. Ik ken deze meiden al vanaf de goeie ouwe college tijd en het was daarom heel plezierig om weer bij elkaar te zijn. Als de drie musketiers. K. had aangeraden om bij De Berk te eten. Ik was razendbenieuwd naar dit restaurant, want de locatie zelf was erg mooi.

Het eten daarin tegen was eigenlijk middelmatig. Mhm jammer. Het was meer mooi aan de buitenkant zijn maar, de inhoud was niet meer dan ok. Lees er meer over hieronder.  

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
We Ordered
1 portion lobster croquettes
1 quinoa burger
2 pasta `vegetariano`
2 mint tea
1 cola
Lobsters & Girlfriends
We start our dinner off with beverages and! Lobster croquettes! I mean how often do you see croquettes made of lobster meat on a menu? Me zero times. It also was marked down as highly recommended by the chef so I was extra eager to try this batch of deep fried goodies out with my friends.
Comforting and scrumptious
The main &
A. and K. both took the veggie pasta while I chomped down a vegetarian burger.
I`ll just come clean and say: the burger was below average. The quinoa patty itself was not bad. The burger tower looks visually nice and attractive but it`s also hard to eat as whole. I had to deconstruct the tower and work my way through but then I stumbled to another problem: the bun. The bun choice is to me not the best choice as it became hard as brick after awhile! I wouldn`t do my jaw, teeth and my brace wire any favor so I had left 1,5 bun untouched.
What a shame.

(the fries were nice by the way)
Wooden boards are very nice but also a large space taker. Sigh. Luckily my girlfriends liked their pasta dish.
ADDRESS: Bemmelenberg 21, 4614 PG Bergen op Zoom - THE NETHERLANDS

Food: •• 2/5 (4 for the lobster croquettes)
Interior: •••• 4/5
Service: ••• 3/5
Price: ••• 3/5